You’ve probably seen it in your Instagram feed being used by makeup artists and celebrities. At first, you wouldn’t think it’s something that people will go crazy about. A mini make-up fridge, really?

But then its popularity grew and you’re suddenly curious why people would even be interested in a fridge for make-up. If you’re still wondering why on earth people would buy a 50 AUD product for storing make-up, here are some reasons that convince you they are not just a fad or an influencer thing.

1. It can extend your products’ shelf life.

According to dermatologists, placing skincare products in a fridge can slightly extend their shelf lives. However, this does not apply to all products. Perishable products should definitely be placed inside a fridge or your risk spoiling the product if you place them in a hot place.

This is especially beneficial for areas where the heat reaches more than 30 degrees and a cool bathroom is not enough to have the normal room temperature needed for your products.

2. Organic products need to be refrigerated.

The need to extend the life of organic products is the reason why the brand Makeup Fridge started. Even before the make-up fridge entered the market, people were already placing their skincare products in the fridge to avoid spoilage. Not only was it popular; it was also known to be necessary.

3. Cool face masks and rollers make you feel more refreshed.

Who doesn’t love a cool jade roller? Cold masks and rollers are known to curb the puffiness of your skin. While there is not enough scientific research done about this, you can already see results once you use that cold jade roller on your sallow, dull skin. Besides, it’s a great wake-me-up routine that feels really good.

4. Mixing skincare products with vegetables and meat? No way!

Can you imagine placing your jade roller in the fridge and end up applying an onion-scented roller on your face? It’s just plain gross. Surely, you don’t want to smell like a vegetable when you apply your products. Besides, the fridge is ideal for food. Mixing your skincare products with them is uncomfortable to think of given that you place them on your face.

5. It feels more indulgent.

Face it, it feels a lot better when the products you put on yourself is cold. It feels refreshing and relaxing. If you’re looking for a simple way to ramp up your me-time, then this is a simple tweak you can do to your routine.

Sure, it requires you to buy a make-up fridge, but it will all be worth it if you can get relaxation from them. In the end, if you have no jade rollers and masks to use, there is no need to buy a make-up fridge. It seems a little unnecessary if you buy a make-up fridge simply because influencers are using it.

However, if your products need to be stored in a cool place and if you want to have a cold jade roller to use, then by all means do it.

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