Facial cleansing brushes have been in the skincare market for a long time and are not a new thing. But despite that, they are still a very popular skincare tool because there’s no comparison when it comes to exfoliating, cleaning, and brightening your skin.

In this article, you’ll discover everything about facial cleansing brushes and what they can do for your skin. Hopefully, once you have learned everything about them, you will be able to determine whether facial cleansing brushes are ideal for you.

What is a facial cleansing brush?

A facial cleansing brush is a great way to enhance your skin care routine. It is a battery-operated, handheld device with a continually moving bristle head. Face cleaning becomes more effective with the steady pressure done by the brush than simply using your hands and sudsing your face with your favourite cleanser. The brush provides deeper exfoliation, especially when used with an efficient cleanser. Hence, if you are going to your next facial, fewer extractions are needed and it is easier for dirt to come out.

These days, many facial cleansing brushes have an automatic shut-off feature which makes face cleaning easier and more convenient.

What are the benefits of using a facial cleansing brush?

Experts compare cleansing brushes to electric toothbrushes because the brushes can make it easier to exfoliate or perform a deeper cleaning of the skin. And since some of the devices come with an automatic shut-off feature, there is no rush in thoroughly cleaning the skin.

Additionally, there are other benefits that you can achieve which prove that they really work for your skin:

  • Since the skin renews itself every 28 days, exfoliation from the brush speeds up the process
  • Helps tighten the skin and shrinks the appearance of pores over time
  • It aids in clearing out clogged pores
  • Helps stimulate the skin’s surface which makes it more radiant and smoother
  • They aid in the stimulation process to help detox your skin
  • Helps in removing dead skin cells
  • Your skin will get prepped properly which will make skincare products easier to absorb

What can it do for your skin?

Like all other skincare tools and products, you need to know how to use them properly to achieve the best results. According to skin experts, when done the right way, cleansing brushes can deep clean the pores. Therefore, they can help enhance lymphatic drainage and stimulate improved circulation.

However, this is only true when they are used properly; otherwise, they can drive make-up and pollution further into the pores, causing more skin problems. It is also important that you should thoroughly clean your facial cleansing brush after every use.

It is also important to take note that cleansing brushes may not be right for everyone. Some people use them incorrectly such as choosing a setting that has too much stimulation or settling for a brush that is too stiff. This may lead to irritation, redness, inflammation, and microabrasions.

Overuse of the brush can also disrupt the natural pH of your skin which depletes the protective mantle of your skin and can lead to increased oil production.

How do you use a cleansing brush?

Adding a facial cleansing brush to your skincare routine is easy. Only a little change will happen in your routine. If this is the first time you will be using your cleansing brush, here’s how to use it:

  1. Start by removing your makeup first. Heavy foundation can be difficult to clean off with the brush and may push into your pores if not removed properly. Use a makeup remover and a cotton ball to remove your makeup.
  2. Choose a gentle cleanser that is suited for your skin type. Avoid using cleansers with microbeads or other exfoliating ingredients because this will be too abrasive when combined with the brush.
  3. Use the brush and cleanser according to the brand that you have. The brush head provides circular motions as you use it on your skin. Be sure to concentrate on the T-zone of your face, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin, because this is where oils and grime tend to accumulate. Don’t press too hard or use it for longer than the specified period.
  4. Avoid using your facial cleansing brush on your eye area because the skin around it is sensitive. You may damage the skin and increase wrinkling if you use it in your eye area.

Are there risks in using a facial brush?

Again, when used incorrectly it can bring unpleasant effects to your skin such as:

Dryness: too much exfoliation and too often can cause dryness and disrupts the skin’s lipid barrier. Because of this, moisture will seep out of the cells easily which makes the skin dehydrated.

Stimulates melanin activity: too much usage will result in an increased skin discolouration especially if your skin is reactive to stimulation.

Chronic inflammation: it can also create inflammation with too much usage and trigger premature ageing.

Therefore, it is important not to use your facial brush too often. It is recommended that you use it with your cleanser 2-3 times a week. But if your face starts to dry out and your skin tone becomes uneven, reduce the usage to once a week.

Learn to listen to your skin. Consult with your skincare doctor if you are experiencing any irritation or issues on your skin.


Having a facial cleansing brush is a great addition to your skin care regimen because it can be used for daily cleansing and deeper cleansing. It works best especially if you use them correctly. Hence if you want to have healthy and smoother skin, make sure to follow the right steps in using your facial brush.


Nicola is always on the lookout for the best beauty tools and skincare products. She believes in "prevention is better than cure" so she is always trying to perfect her beauty routine to avoid premature aging. Fun fact about Nicola: She owns a lot of sunscreens as she carries a mini sunscreen in each of her handbags and backpacks.