Are you tired of your usual straight hair? Maybe it’s time you try something else like the beach waves hair. It’s a fun and carefree hairstyle suitable anywhere and anytime, whether you are going to the beach or not.

Another great thing about beach waves is that it is perfect for both short and long hair. There are countless styles you can do with your beach hair, so you will never get tired of it.

Now you may be wondering how to get this hairstyle and if it is easy to achieve the look. The good news is there are several methods to do this, and most of them are very easy.

You can do it using a curling device or just some hair products. If you are interested to learn how to achieve your beach waves hair effortlessly, here are several ways to do it.

Curling Iron

If you have a curling iron, you can easily achieve beach hair within minutes. It is recommended to use a heat protectant hair product while waiting for your curling iron to heat up, as this will help reduce damage to your hair.

It’s best to use a large barrel to create large waves. Do this by sections. Once you have curled all sections of your hair, use your hands to shake and loosen up the curls. This will create a messy wavy effect. Finally, spray on some hairspray to hold the curls longer.

Flat Hair Iron

If you do not have a curling iron, a flat hair iron will do. Same with a curling iron, use a heat protectant before curling your hair.

Then clamp a section of your hair at the end and close the iron. Wrap your hair carefully outside the iron then twist it, and gradually glide the iron out of your hair.

Run your hands through your hair to loosen up the curls and apply hairspray. It may be more challenging using a flat hair iron than a curling iron, but you will get almost the same result.

Wave Spray

If you do not have a curling iron or flat hair iron, you can still achieve beach waves hair with the help of a wave spray.

The first step is to dampen your hair and towel dry it. If you do not have time to shower, you can use a spray bottle or wet your fingers to dampen your hair.

To enhance the natural texture and shape of your hair, use a wave spray. After applying, scrunch your hair to give it more bounce and wave and let it dry.


If you want to wake up in the morning with gorgeous beach hair, try the overnight braids. Yes, you can sleep it off and wait in the morning to get a totally new look.

Before going to sleep, dampen your hair and do large braids. Cover it with a scarf and get the beauty sleep you need. As the morning comes, undo your braids and reveal messy beach waves hair.


Another method that you can do overnight to have wavy locks is the overnight buns. Instead of braiding, set your hair in buns.

If you have thick hair you can part your hair into four sections. If hair is thin, you can simply part it into two sections.

Grab one section of the hair and twist it carefully and wrap it to form a bun. Use a scrunchie and bobby pins to hold it in place.

Do the same for the remaining sections. Just make sure the bobby pins will not hurt your head as you sleep through the night. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with bloody waves.

In the morning, undo your buns and comb your fingers through the waves. Shake your head a bit and let your hair fall into those sexy beach waves.

Braids and Flat Iron

Don’t have the whole night to do the overnight braids? Do you find using a flat hair iron a bit challenging to create the waves that you want? Why not combine the two methods to achieve this beach waves hairstyle.

A flat iron braid is a thing and you’ll get the same gorgeous locks without having to wait the whole night. To do this, part your hair into 4 sections and do a three-strand braid for each section. Secure your braids with hair ties.

With your flat iron set on the medium heat setting, place your one braided section of hair in between the iron and close it through the braid. Start from the top going down. Do the same step with each braid.

Undo your braids and comb your fingers through your wavy locks. By the way, don’t forget to use a heat protectant to keep your hair from getting damaged. You can also use a hairspray afterward or a curling hair cream for added texture.

Sea Salt Spray

Using a sea salt spray is probably the most effortless way to get that messy and fun beach hair. We all know what saltwater can do to our hair, and a sea salt spray is all you need to get the same effect.

Grab your sea salt spray and mist your hair with it. Scrunch your hair to improve texture, and there you have it, an effortless beach waves hair.

Remember that these methods are only for temporary curls, and some will not last the whole day unless you use certain hair products. If you want your beach hair to last longer, you can always opt for a perm.

It is best to have it done by a professional to get those perfect waves. When getting a perm, tell your stylist that you want to achieve beach waves hair, so they’ll use large barrels for your hair.

Achieving beach hair is not complicated at all. As long as you do it right and with the correct curling hair product, you’ll have loose wavy curls in no time. Just remember that there are different kinds of curling hair products that are meant for each type of hair and texture.

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