Straightening tools are every girl’s best friend when it comes to creating different hairstyles and of course, making your hair look straight and silky. If are one who wants to take on a new style when going out, then you may already have your own straightening iron.

However, there are times that no matter what you do or how many hours you’ve spent attempting to make your hair look good, it can end up looking disheveled and unruly once go out of your house. Hence, pairing your hair straightening tool with the right hair products is just as important.

What are the products I can use before straightening my hair?

There are many styling products you can use to help keep your hair in place and protect it as well. The good thing about it, the latest formulas available in the market not just smoothen and straighten your hair, but also offer a host of different benefits for your hair.

Straightening sprays

Curly hair and thick hair often need a little extra help to smoothen your hair. Straightening sprays are very effective in straightening your hair easily. Most of the ingredients present in this product are natural, which helps in straightening the hair, taming frizz, and adding a dose of shine and softness to your hair.

Another type of straightening sprays is those with keratin and polymers that can leave your hair smooth and sleek for up to three days. It doesn’t feel heavy or stiff so, there’s no need to wash your hair every day.

Serum or oil

Natural hair and curly hair textures can be more challenging to straighten than other hair textures. But using the right serum will do the trick! Hair serum can coat the surface of your hair which helps in controlling frizz, reduces tangles, and enhances the straightness of your hair.

It can also protect your hair from damage and promotes shine and boosts the smoothness of your hair. Products that have coconut oil as an ingredient are the best choice to pair with your straightening tool. It keeps your hair hydrated and creates sleek and beautiful hair every time.

On the other hand, argan oil is another option that you can use for your hair. While other natural oils start to break down at 300 degrees or lower, Argan oil can withstand higher temperatures which are also safe to use as a heat protectant. It also has Omega 6 and Vitamin E that help prevent breakage, tame frizz, and encourage smooth, and healthy hair.

Heat protectants

Heat protectant is a must-have when you are using hot tools. They help protect from damage caused by heat and seal in the moisture that prevents it from keeping dry. It can also help in keeping your hair in place and can keep your hair straight longer.


For dry or damaged hair, crème is the best product to use. Of course, you want to make sure that you are very cautious when smoothing dry or damaged hair. Too much heat can cause more damage to hair that is why a little extra TLC is needed.

Crème with combination ingredients of argan, coconut, and rosehip works best for this type of hair. Not only does it make your hair straight and smooth but it can also add a lot of hydration and can protect your hair from heat and other environmental stresses.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the most underrated hair styling products in the market because most women don’t even know they exist or what they are for.  Dry shampoo is in fact an amazing product because it helps reduce oil, dirt, and grease in your hair which makes it easier for you to straighten your hair.

They are especially good for those who have thin hair because they can give volume and bring hair back to life. Aside from that, you don’t need to wash your hair every day because it can still make your hair look great.

How do you use your straightening iron properly?

To make sure that you are successful in creating beautiful hair and keeping it healthy at the same time, here are some tips to follow:

Start with the right haircare routine

Use the right type of shampoo and conditioner to make sure that you have prepped your hair properly for your straightening iron.

Apply hair protectant

As previously mentioned, applying a hair protectant to your hair is essential to avoid damage and prevent your hair from heat. This will also help in keeping your hair in place and seal in moisture to avoid dry hair and produce sleek hair after styling them.

Only straighten your hair when it is already dry

While it can be tempting to use your hair straightener right away, it is essential to make sure that your hair is fully dry or at least 80% of it is already dry. Using the straightener on damp hair will damage the cuticles which can produce brittle hair.

Hair air dry or use a blow dryer first to completely dry your hair.

Separate your hair into sections

For the best result, separate your hair into sections so that all of the strands will be treated and straightened out evenly.

Consider using different sizes

Straighteners come in different sizes. Hence, it is best to use a different sized straightener depending on your hair’s length. If your hair is shorter, use a smaller straightener while for longer hair, straighteners with bigger plates work best.

Avoid cranking up the heat

Never assume that the hotter your straightener, the faster your hair will get straightened. High temperatures can cause enough heat damage to your hair. Be sure to start with low heat and gradually turn up the temperature as needed.


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