Recently, many questions are being asked whether they can use hair straighteners even for short hair. And my simple answer – YES!

Having short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t use a hair straightener to style and change your look. As long as there is enough hair to entangle or tousle, you can easily straighten your short curly hair and create a new hairstyle for any occasion.

How do you straighten short curly hair?

Here are the steps you can do:

  • First, dry your hair thoroughly before using your hair straightener. Keep in mind that if you use your hair straightener while hair is still wet, it can cause damage and you can burn your hair. Touch your hair to make sure that it is completely dry.
  • If you hear a sizzling sound when you use your straightener, then it means that it is still wet and needs to be dried more. But if you are not sure, then blow dry your hair for a few minutes to make it dry.
  • Next, apply a heat protectant thoroughly to prevent damage. Lift the top layer of your hair while spraying to make sure that your hair is covered evenly with the protectant.
  • Split your hair into two to four sections to make the straightening process easier. Make the top section of your hair into a bun so the bottom layer can be easily accessed and straightening the hair is manageable.
  • Run your straightener over the sections of your hair while pulling your hair tight. Take about a 1-2-inch section of your hair and pull it downwards with your fingers to make it straight and rigid.
  • Clamp the heated straightener around the straightener starting with the roots. Slowly run it down your hair. do this 2-3 times per section o your hair until it becomes straight. Do not hold the straightener on your hair without moving it for a few seconds because this can burn your hair. Keep the heat under 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) to avoid causing damage.
  • Once done, apply a finishing product such as anti-frizz serum to keep it straight and add shine to your hair.

Can you also use it on short, straight hair?

Yes, you can also use your hair straightener on your short, straight hair, and here are the steps:

  • Separate your hair into sections using clips and pins. Again, start from the top and pull your hair up leaving about an inch thick section down at the back of your neck. If your hair is too short, you might need to twist small sections and then pin them.
  • Using your hair spray, spritz a small amount on the section that you’ve left down – don’t spray too much, just a light mist will do.
  • Comb the first section to remove tangles. If you have any tangles in your hair, your hair will not be straightened properly. Running your hair straightener with a tangled knot will also break your hair.
  • Using your straightener in one hand, grab a small piece of hair with the other hand and allow that hand to run through your hair.
  • Hold it straight so there’s tension along the whole length of your hair while using the straightener. Added tension will make it easier for the straightener to straighten your hair with a single pass. But if your hair is too short, skip it because you don’t want to burn your fingers.
  • Hold the straightener horizontally and place it close to your roots. After closing the straightener near your roots, let go of the hair and glide the straightener to the ends. As you start doing it, turn the straightener so it will stay parallel to your head down to your head.
  • If you want to have more volume, hold your hair out as you straighten it rather than keeping the straightener close to your head. When you are doing the back and sides, hold the hair so it is parallel to the floor. Then lift the hair straight up toward the ceiling while you are straightening it.
  • Keep on misting while straightening the small sections until you are finished. Once you are done, apply a finishing spray to give your hair an extra sleek and shiny look.

What size of hair straightener is best for short hair?

Hair experts say that a smaller hair straightener is better than a bigger one. The size should be no more than 1 inch or 2.5 cm wide. Any bigger than that will be hard to move and style your short hair. It will also leave unflattering bends in the hair which will not produce an attractive look.


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