Everyone wants to look their best but some people don’t know how to go about it. In fact, some beauty mistakes will end up making you look older or less attractive, and this is not what anyone wants.

Thus, take note of these beauty mistakes that you should avoid. This list is not for professional makeup artists, instead it’s for anyone who just wants an elegant and classy everyday look.

1. Too Much Eyeliner

This is a very common mistake because it does not actually make the eyes look larger. Instead, the eyes end up appearing smaller and will lead other people’s eyes to the eyeliner instead of the iris, which should be your goal. If you want to put eyeliner all over the eyes, use a lighter color or use your eyeshadow down under the eyelids to create a rounded-out appearance.

2. Too Much Mascara On The Bottom Lashes

Much like the first mistake, it will make your eyes look more closed. If you really need mascara on the bottom lashes, go for brown or clear ones instead.

3. Very Dark Lipstick

Dark red and mauve tones are exceptions but black, blue, dark purple lipsticks are a huge mistake. They make the lips look thinner.

4. Very Dark Nail Polish

Much like mistake number 3, dark colors simply make your nails look shorter. They are also more likely to chip easily. For elegantly long nails, opt for lighter nail polish.

5. Eyebrows Are Too Bold

While some people have naturally thick eyebrows, others use stencil or brow powder to make theirs thicker. The trend is to have fuller brows (as opposed to the previous trend of thin ones), but making them too bold will draw the attention to the brows instead of the full face.

6. Not Blending The Foundation Into The Neck

This is only acceptable when you are wearing a turtleneck. The fact is, you will not want to walk around with your face and neck having two different shades. To blend the foundation, simply use a damp beauty blender and go down from the chin and jawline, going down into the neck.

7. Heavy Makeup In The Daytime

First of all, forget about those unnatural colors like yellows or neon shades. You want to look natural especially during the daytime. This also means no heavy makeup while the sun is out. It looks out of place, so just stick to softer and lighter makeup shades for work. When you are out on a date, then you can go for the darker and thicker makeup.

8. Bold Eyes With Bold Lips

When planning your makeup, balance is very important. This means you cannot have both bold and dark eyeshadow with equally dark lipstick. One has to be lighter and the other darker, it is up to you to decide which one to highlight. This prevents the eyes and the lips from fighting for attention.

These are very common and easy-to-make mistakes that may actually be making you look less attractive. Your makeup and other accessories should accentuate your best features and not look too overwhelming or distracting.

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