Women always want to look pretty. Applying blush is one of the ways to make themselves attractive. In fact, it has been practiced by women since ancient times.

They used tint from plants to apply color to their lips and their faces. Today, cosmetics such as blush are manufactured everywhere and seldom can you find a woman who does not use blush when going out or attending a party or an event.

Applying blush is one way of having a healthier and younger-looking complexion. Some women think that you can only look great when your blush is done by a professional but this is not always the case.

You do not need to go to a beauty salon to have perfect makeup. Just follow this guide to applying blush perfectly so that you can have a glowing face.

1. Make the necessary skin preparation before applying blush.

Clean and healthy skin is the best foundation to have a glowing and lovely blush. Wash your face first and apply a moisturiser.

Some women worry about the blush not lasting the whole day. However, if you apply foundation first and top it with the blush, your makeup can stay long without the need to retouch.

2. Choose a blush shade that looks good with your skin tone.

You cannot just use any shade of blush because a wrong color choice can make you look older instead of younger. One way of having a natural-looking blush is to check how your skin looks when you pinch it.

You can also learn your complexion and the best shade of blush to use. For fair skin or very light skin, pale pink or lilac is the best shade. For medium or light skin, peach is the best blush color for you.

If you have a golden or olive complexion, go for a bright pink shade. For darker skin, apricot and other bright colors can give your face a healthy glow.

3. Use the right kind of formula.

The blush comes in three kinds: cream, stain, and powder. You can use stain if your skin is oily because it gives your face a lovely look. For medium skin, use a creamy formula. The powder formula is best used on dry skin.

4. Consider the shape of your face when applying blush.

In order for the blush to look good, one must consider the shape of the face when applying it. If you have a heart-shaped face, follow a C-pattern when applying blush.

For a woman with an oblong face, you can apply blush from the highest point of the cheeks going to the nose and to the temple.

Apply blush from the cheekbone going upward if you have a round face. By making sure to apply blush based on the shape of your face, you can have a great looking blush.

5. Blend your blush.

Blending the blush so that you can attain a naturally glowing skin is important. Use a brush or a moist sponge to make sure that the blush is seamless and that it does not look like a patch of color on your face.

Observe this guide to applying blush perfectly and dazzle everyone with your healthy and young-looking face.

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