The cat eye makeup is an elegant eye look that will never go out of style. It is stunning, sexy, and feminine. It can be worn as soft or dramatic as you want it to be. And to achieve the perfect cat eye makeup, you need to know how to apply it properly. The cat eye is a tricky makeup application so to achieve perfection, you need to practice.

If you want to master this notoriously difficult application technique, we suggest that you continue reading. But before you get started, here are a few tips that you need not forget:

  • Use waterproof products to prevent smudges. As cat eye isn’t a simple technique to execute, it is recommended to use an eyeliner product that looks sharp for an entire day.
  • Do not sleep with makeup on your face. An intense cat eye is not something that you want on your skin for more than 24 hours as such practice may result in irritation.
  • Use an eye makeup remover, cleansing balm, or oil cleanser to completely remove all of the eyeliner you used to achieve the cat eye look.

Here is an easy to follow, step-by-step cat eye makeup technique:

Prime the Eye Region

To prepare the eyes for smooth and sharp-looking cat eye, you need to apply a concealer or an eye primer on the eyelids and area under the eyes. Priming the eye region creates a smooth base and ensures that all the products you use will adhere better and last longer, too.

Apply Eyeshadow

If your look demands the use of eyeshadow products, you may immediately proceed with the application. If you want your cat eye to pop, use soft or light colors. For a fierce and glamorous eye makeup, combine the use of darker eyeshadow shades for a smoke cat eye finish.

Draw the First Line of Your Cat Eye

To start the cat eye, you first need to draw a short and thin line from the outer corner of the eye and direct it towards the end of the brows on a 45-degree angle. You may change the angle based on your face shape, but most the 45-degree angle look typically works for most face shapes.

If you are having a hard time drawing a smooth line freehand, you need to create a series of dots to outline and then connecting them afterwards. You may also use a stencil or a piece of tape to guide you in making a smooth initial line.

Line the Lash Line and Fill in the Spaces

Draw a thin line across the upper eyelid. Make sure to follow the natural curve of your lash line by starting from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Use an eyeliner to fill in the space between your initial line and the lash line. Make sure that both eyes feature the same thickness before proceeding to creating the cat eye corners.

Keep your focus and relax when applying the eyeliner. You might not get it on the first try but keep practicing and follow the tips above and you’ll soon slay the cat eye look fast and easy over time.

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