There is a good reason why makeup artists spend time enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes. Apart from being tools for expression, eyes are focal areas of the face that any slight change is already noticeable.

The quest for eye enhancements that look natural is a continuous process and among the latest trends nowadays is the wearing of white eyeliner. Colorless as it seems, a white eyeliner amazingly upgrades your look.

Here are 5 simple ways on how to wear your white eyeliner.

Outlining the Upper Lids

The basic function of eyeliners is to outline the edge of the upper eyelids. When you wear black eyeliner, this trick pops out the eyes in a bold, seductive way, perfect for evening parties or formal events.

But when you opt for a white eyeliner, you instantly get a pair of fresh eyes with a more natural effect. This is appropriate for an everyday office or school look. You can even play around the line styles or practice your white cat eye for variations.

Enhancing Your Waterline

The lower lids of the eyes are often forgotten, probably because people think they are less visible.

Some even become teary-eyed during the first time. But lining the waterline with white pencils certainly does liven up your face in far less obvious ways.

If putting on eyeshadows isn’t exactly your game, you can try liing your waterline from corner to corner. You can go on full circle all the way up to your upper lids if you wish.

Putting on Eyeshadows

Bringing a palette can be troublesome for some girls, the reason why multi-purpose sticks are trending nowadays.

Your eyeliners can now double as eyeshadows and the key to achieving the perfect shade is stroking lightly. This avoids smudges and unpleasant product buildups. Using fingers as applicators is great; you can try this with your white pencils, too.

You’ll be amazed at the many artsy shadow styles you can come up with, from light and thin to bold and thick lines.

Other fashion stylists use white liners at the upper part of the lids, just below the brows for a spunkier aura. Go experiment and find out the best way to wear your white pencil for different occasions.

Highlighting the Corners

Oh, there’s no other product that can easily double as highlighter than your white eye pencils. While you may use it in other parts like your nose, lips, and cheeks, lining or dabbing white color on the inner corners (or the inner V) creates a higher nose bridge and deep-set eyes.

It also easily and immediately wakens up your tired eyes. You can highlight your outer corners, too, or even the middle of your lids thus creating depth.

Accentuating Other Eye Makeup

White makeup is flexible, you can very well combine your white pencils with other products. For instance, you may dab white shadows on top of your eye makeup for a glittery effect. Or apply white as the base instead of another neutral color to make your eyes pop brightly.

The sky is the limit for the different line styles and shades you can create with your white eyeliner.

You can sport a whitewashed look or a sophisticated evening cat-eye. All it takes is practice and knowing which style suits you at a given time and occasion. Go ahead and try experimenting.

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