Since face coverings are now made compulsory in numerous settings, lipsticks are somewhat taking a backseat. In addition to being kept out of sight, what is the point of painting on a perfect scarlet rouge if it is going to end up smudged and smeared on the inside of your face mask?

Make your eyes and brows stand out with these tips and tricks.

1. Enhance Your Brows

It is critical to enhance your eyes when wearing a face mask. Experts say that a great everyday option is to add definition to your eyebrows.

You want them to be a little bit thicker, fuller, as well as brushed up. It is critical to utilize a microband that provides you those really fine hairs without making your brows look too dark or heavy.

A good way to achieving the perfect brows to imagine they are divided into thirds and lining up with different parts of the face. The thickest should just be on the nose’s bridge, and the highest point of the arch should be on the outside edge of the pupil. The thinnest line should finish just beyond the outer corner of the eye.

2. A Tiny Bit of Shimmer

If you want to be a little more experimental, you can play around with a bit of texture on your eyes. Never be afraid when it comes to sparkle because it is actually for everybody. After all, the particles are so fine.

Experts recommend a peachy or rose gold hue for a subtle warm glow. You can pop a little bit of it on your finger and work it in over the eyelid. Work the color over eyeshadow or on its own, and it is going to give your eyes a beautiful bit of shimmer that will stay put and not look too overdone.

3. Match Shades to the Color of Your Eyes

Please think of the color of your eyes and how best to enhance it. Hence, choose eyeshadows with subtle contrasting tones.

As an example, if you have hazel or green eyes, colors of bronze, orange, and rouge can look amazing. For blue or gray eyes, it can be dressed up in peaches, purples, golds, and slates. When it comes to brown eyes, teals, navy, bronzes, purples, and ambers are absolutely stunning.

4. Make Small Eyes Huge

You might have the notion that layering on the eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger, but it is actually the liner placement that makes a huge impact.

If your eyes are small, don’t apply eyeliner all the way around the eyes, especially on the waterline, since it can make them look even smaller.

Instead, apply a liquid liner for a flick and always make sure you lift the line before you reach the end of your eye; otherwise, it may drag and make you look tired looking.

5. Pop on a Pair of Lashes.

Experts recommend that if you are struggling with eyelash glue which has put you off from wearing strip lashes, then wear eyelashes that do not have these. A product on the market is an eyeliner-style pen that also serves as an eyelash. It can be utilized with any false eyelashes.

Aside from classic black, the innovative new product is also available in a clear formula. It applies in white color but dries clear. It can provide a clear band that gives the eyes an exaggerated but natural fluffy look.

6. Under-eye Fillers

Hollowness under the eyes occurs due to lack of sleep, insulated volume loss, or simply just anatomy can sometimes result in shadows under the eyes, which create dark circles where the depression lies.

Thus, under-eye fillers expertly placed in what is known as the tear trough can help fill in that depression under the eyes, resulting in a more well-rested appearance.

Brow and Lash Tinting

Although it is less permanent than microblading, lash tinting is an incredible option for those who are tired of filling in their brows or applying mascara every day. It deposits pigments into the hair follicle, which can last from 4 to 6 weeks. It allows you the option to apply makeup and other products.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to look your best even when you are wearing a face mask. Makeup has taken a backseat since the imposition of wearing facemasks in public. But you can still kick up your look by enhancing your eyes and every area of your face that is visible.

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