If ever there is something that you can surely find in every woman’s bag, it is lipstick. This cosmetic has become a natural part of a woman’s daily routine.

Putting on lipstick is one thing that women seldom forget. Many women have mastered the art of painting their lips that they do not need a mirror to apply lipstick perfectly.

Here are the 10 genius lipstick hacks every woman needs to know to achieve lovely kissable lips.

1. Remove dry skin before applying lipstick.

Removing dead skin before applying lipstick results in a smooth application. To exfoliate the lips, apply balm first to moisten the lips and allow the mascara wand to glide smoothly.

Run the mascara wand gently to get rid of flaky dry skin. Once all dead skin is removed, apply lipstick. Notice the smooth and even shade on your lips.

2. Use pink lipstick to give your cheeks a lovely blush.

Lipstick is not just for the lips, you can also use it on our cheeks. Apply pink lipstick on your cheeks. Blend using your fingers as you spread it on your cheeks.

3. Make lipstick out of broken eye shadow.

If your eye shadow that has the same shade of your lipstick is broken, do not throw it away. Instead, mix it with balm until smooth and apply on your lips.

4. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to apply lipstick for a stained look.

If you want to have a lipstick that looks like stains on your lips, you can use an eye shadow brush that is fluffy.

5. Make lipstick last long by applying translucent powder.

For busy women who do not have the time to retouch, long-lasting lipstick is needed. After applying lipstick, dust it with translucent powder and smoothen. Notice that the lipstick looks fresh the whole day. The powder would lock the colour of the lipstick on the lips.

6. Hide colour patches on the lips using a concealer.

Some women have lips that are dotted with red or pink colour. The spots can change the shade of the lipstick once applied. For better results, apply a concealer on the lips to give it a nude colour before putting on lipstick.

7. Alter the shape of the lips using concealer.

Apply a colour corrector to the lips and draw the shape you want using a lip pencil. Then, apply lip gloss or lipstick that follows the shape that you drew.

8. Use lipstick that is one shade darker than the colour of your skin.

If you have fair complexion, the ideal lipstick shade for you is nude with light pink. Women that are not so fair or so dark can look great in nude with orange shade. Women with dark skin can choose nude with chocolate brown or caramel brown shade.

9. Get perfect Cupid-bow shaped lips.

To have lips shaped like Cupid’s bows, draw an X at the centre of the upper lip using a lip liner. Then apply lip liner following the contours and fill it with your favourite shade of lipstick.

Applying lipstick is an art. Try these lipstick hacks that every woman must know and feel proud and confident with her flawless lips.

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