While the rest of the world is prepping for a cold December, Australian women are readying up their hairstyles for a hot weather.

Summer in Australia coincides with the holidays and with the changing of the season, there’s also a need to change several fashion trends – including your hairstyle. But what exactly are you turning your crowning glory into? Here are some of most popular styles today.

1. Shadow those Roots

Skip high-maintenance hombre and just take the innovative stylish flip to this design. The top portion of your hair will sport your natural hair growth while the rest is any lighter shade.

Ideally, the light colouring will start anywhere from 1 inch of the darker shade, creating a waterfall design that you can still pull off even after a few months.

2. Long Bobs – or Lobs

Say what you like about the wacky name, but the lob is claiming its place in the summer style tops. You’re probably familiar with the “bob” which exploded in 2019. Well this year, it’s the same exact thing – but longer.

The shape is still bob like, but the change in length gives you more room when it comes to personal control. Do you want it up? Do you want it down? It doesn’t matter as the lob works with both situations. Add a bit of wave along the bottom portion and you’ve got your own personal style.

3. Mullet

Yes – that mullet. Be careful though, there are certain face shapes that work with this while some face shapes are better off trying longer hairstyles.

4. Natural, Hair-Dried Curls

The recent pandemic really made us girls appreciate that natural beauty of hair without all the extensive styling done. It’s therefore not surprising that the natural curly hair is back. They’re big and layered with a distinct shape that starts from the top of your hair all the way down to the edges.

For this look to work however, there’s a strong emphasis on length which should be just a few inches from the shoulder. It’s a kind of “washed, air-dried, and brushed my hair” look which takes very little effort on your part.

5. Copper and Strawberry

Summer really brings out the daring in most people as they start to experiment with colours. Don’t be surprised if the eye-catching combination of strawberry copper becomes popular as the sun hits this unique colour combo.

It works especially if you’re looking to get slightly tanned, creating a smooth contrast that keeps you looking cool through the hot season.

6. Butter Blonde

Think Margot Robbie and you’ve got the exact shade we’re thinking of with this combination. It’s an understated combo of black and blonde with the black practically overwhelming the hair while still maintaining a striking contrast to the blonde locks. That’s the one.

Here’s the thing – with the COVID-19 lockdown making it near impossible for women to visit their regular salons, trendy summer styles lean towards the practical.

Women want cuts and colours that are easy to maintain just in case they need to do without again. Hence, if you’re looking for a new style, make sure to keep these in mind.

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