This quarantine had all of us upping the ante in the communication department, but many of us are discovering how much we lack knowledge in self-care.

We are all facing the same problems: root touch-ups, haircuts, and facials are way overdue. Getting a good massage from our favourite masseuse is a thing that most of us sorely miss.

But until the outbreak subsides and we see a significant flattening of the curve, we need to find ways to pamper ourselves at home. Here are quick and easy hair and skin care tips to keep yourself from looking like a hot mess amid quarantine.

Give Your Hair a Rest

If you were used to regularly applying heat to style your hair, now is the perfect time to give your locks a good rest. Since there is no need for you to be at 100% at home, it’s high time to go natural.

Replace this routine by indulging your hair with treatments as often as you can. If you are itching to cut your hair, it may be best to trim the edges instead.

Include Dry Brushing to Your Skincare Routine

At some point, dry brushing was the hottest skincare routine, but because it was time-consuming, it eventually died a natural death. Since you are in quarantine and have all the time in the world, it’s time to add dry brushing back to your self-care routine.

The hottest celebrities swear by the many benefits that can be derived from regular dry brushing. It’s a simple and straightforward practice that involves sweeping a dry brush across the skin.

It was initially used in Ayurvedic medicine and is proven to soften the skin, improve circulation, eliminate dead skin cells, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can do this once daily before taking a shower. You’ll come out of quarantine with soft and flawless skin.

Master Your Skincare Regimen

Since you don’t need to rush out the door every morning, you can now take your sweet time in developing a skincare routine that addresses your individual needs. When creating a skincare routine, make sure to pick one that is designed for your specific skin type.

Once you find the right products that work great on your skin, it’s easier to perfect a routine that you can follow even after quarantine.

Treat your skincare routine as a pampering treatment rather than a chore, and you will begin to appreciate how it enhances not only your physical wellbeing but your mental wellness, too.

Get More Sleep

Getting a full eight hours of sleep is not only relaxing; it enhances your beauty and immunity, too. Get as much sleep as you can. Even when you don’t have work the next day, you should practice sleeping early, and you will eventually notice those dark circles under your eyes slowly fade into nothing.

Self-care in the time of coronavirus is imperative. Focusing on self-care amidst quarantine will help you relax and calm down. Lastly, keeping a positive attitude also contributes to your beauty and sense of wellness.

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