Everyone took so many things for granted pre-Coronavirus. Imagine the luxury of going to your favorite salon (sometimes even without a prior appointment) to sit in those chairs and read a magazine while your hair is being trimmed to the newest hairstyle.

In the first few weeks of the lockdown, you might have not noticed it, but the truth is, while life has basically come to a standstill, your locks have been growing quite wild.

With shops be possibly closed for the next couple of weeks in Australia, you might not afford to wait anymore. Plus, once they are open, they will need to enforce some new rules and can only take in so many customers every day. And everyone will be rushing to tame their wild hair, too.

If all you need is to trim your bangs to improve your hairstyle, then you might as well take the time to master the art of doing it yourself.

You will need to order some professional scissors for cutting hair but it will be worth it (especially if there are successive waves in the future). Then follow these simple steps to refreshing your hairdo.

1. Prepare A Spot

Find a spot where you have enough lighting and have a handy mirror where you can see your work clearly. Obviously, have your scissors and other paraphernalia nearby.

2. Prepare The Bangs For Cutting

You do not need to wash your hair prior, because wet hair will shrink when it dries. Thus, you might end up with much shorter bangs than you intended.

Tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail and look for where your bangs begin. Separate a triangle shape of hair. If you already have bangs, this should be fairly simple as you just need to separate hair that is already shorter than the rest.

3. Plan The Length

When cutting hair, it is always better to start cutting longer than your goal so that you can trim it further later on. Hold the bangs firmly between 2 fingers, pulling it front and center.

Pull down the fingers to where the desired length is plus a few centimeters more. Keep the bangs still and flip the ends upwards.

4. Start Trimming

If your current bangs are long, you need to cut them shorter first. Add a few centimeters and do a straight cut. If your bangs really only need a trim, skip this step. To avoid the straight bangs reminiscent of your childhood, you need to add some layers.

The key to do this is to do point cutting. Angle the scissors at about 50 or 60-degree angle (or 7 o’clock) and trim across. Trim very slowly and carefully to avoid mistakes.

You do not need to create the full layers your stylist easily creates, all you need to avoid is having too straight bangs. This means some strands should be a bit shorter.

5. Finish Up

Check your progress every once in a while and trim a bit more if necessary. Once you are satisfied, you can use the hairdryer to style your new bangs.

Trimming your bangs is not as difficult as other DIY haircuts and should be fairly easy to perfect. Keep a steady hand, cut slowly but surely, and you will end up with great results.

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