There is art to putting powder on the face. Contrary to popular belief, the act of powdering isn’t just a dab-and-go routine.

There are areas that require highlighting and some other spaces that demand light brushing. The amount should neither be too much nor too little, lest you end up with a floured look or a semi-oily face.

Avoid the embarrassing consequences of applying face powder incorrectly by learning the basic rules.

Pick The Right Tool

Face powders come in different formula, thus requiring different tools for application. Your selection includes the beauty blender, the powder brush, and the powder puff – each is made for a specific purpose.

Beauty blenders create pressing circular motions on the face, perfect if you aim for a better coverage as in the case of heavy makeup.

Shift to using powder brush if you simply want a soft, translucent look. Yet still if the goal is to basically wear an oil-free, matte face, a powder puff does the magic trick.

Choose The Right Shade

All beauty experts concur that applying the wrong powder shade is just as terrible as wearing a suit to a summer beach party.

Find your shade. Besides seeking advice from beauty specialists, the best way to know your shade is to try the product first.

The right powder disappears on your skin, and while many say that the shade should match your skin tone, oily faces should go for at least one shade lighter.

Powder that comes in contact with face oil oxidizes and turns peachy or brownish. You certainly don’t want any facial discoloration on any day.

Know When To Apply

Powders are good setting agents, so it logically follows to apply them last. Get your moisturizer, serum, foundation, concealer, blush, and other beauty products on before dabbing your beauty powder.

Products with liquid formulation make take a while to set, be patient and wait until your skin is ready for a powder application. Timing is everything.

Aim For An Even Coverage

Do not over apply. Repeat – do not over apply. And the best way to avoid this mishap is to be gentle with the process.

When using a powder puff or brush, tap the excess product before application. Never ever pour all powder on the entire face in one sweeping motion. Rubbing only causes unnecessary irritation.

Gradually, gently, press the brush, puff, or blender under your eyes. Bring it all the way through to the forehead, then to the nose bridge, then to the chin. Just dust around the outer edges of your face.

Don’t Forget The Finishing Touches

Many forget to remove the excess powder off the face, thinking that the powder itself is already the last touch. Even celebrities make this mistake.

Don’t be like most girls, and diligently brush off excess product. Just brush off, then you’re good. Since powdery faces often illuminate under camera flashes, taking selfies is a clever way to check excess powder.

Your night could be long, and you may need to re-apply powder. Bring blotting papers with you to absorb oil instead of adding another layer of fresh powder.

Blotting papers nowadays are formulated with minimal amount of powder that helps give your face the matte finish you want without cakey feel.

Again, all this process takes is a little appreciation. There is an art to applying powder after all.

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