You’ve probably read about face-mapping and how the location of your pimples will tell you what’s wrong with your overall health. While this isn’t 100 percent accurate, there are indicators that show a connection between where the pimple is and your health.

Here’s what you should know.

Back, Neck, and Arm Pimples

These are likely caused by the wrong body soap or even the wrong clothes. You may have an allergy with the soap you’re using now or you’re wearing too tight clothes that irritate the skin. Pimples along the bra line could mean it’s time to buy new bras that won’t chafe on your skin.

Hairline Pimples

This can be a case of a bad shampoo that’s irritating your skin. If you’ve recently made a switch from one brand to the next, try switching back to an old one and watch whether the pimples stop.

Pimples Close to the Lips

If this happens, chances are it’s your food – or your lipstick. Oily or acidic food can trigger pimple growth around this area, even if the rest of your body doesn’t feel it.

T-Zone Pimples

If you’re stressed, these are the parts of your face that work overtime to produce those oils. Hence, if you break out here – you already know the culprit: stress.

Make sure to give yourself a day of doing absolutely nothing and just relaxing. Spot treat the pimples and combined with a good sleep, they should be gone soon.

Cheek Pimples

Cheek pimples don’t happen often unless you have pimples everywhere else on your face. Typically, they only occur because there’s been contact with something dirty – like a pillow or a phone. The skin on your cheek can be pretty sensitive so if you touch it with dirty hands, it can react immediately.

Stray Pimple with Other Symptoms

One or two pimples popping up combined with achy breasts or restlessness can be a sign that your period is about to come. Every person is different, but period pimples can often occur along the forehead or the chin area. Women who rarely get pimples but do so near their period can do spot treatments easily.

It’s a Party Pimple Breakout

If there’s a sudden explosion of pimples on your face and body, this can be a systemic problem. Pimples occur on the skin which is identified as an organ.

If something’s wrong with the organ, then a spot treatment is not enough. You need to do a full treatment. Take a good look at your diet.

Have you been eating too much oily food in the past days? Do you have a new makeup? Perhaps you’re using a new product on your face and body? It’s a process of elimination now and you’ll have to consider all the “new” things in your life since the breakout happened.

To wrap it up, your skin is the largest organ of your body and pimples are one of the manifestations that’s something wrong with that organ. Pay attention to it and you should be able to enjoy a glowing and healthy complexion.

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