When it comes to beauty care regimen, skimping on anything may cost you that Instagrammable look you’ve been longing to have. This is why a lot of women make sure that everything they use contributes to that wonderful glow that they’ve been dying to have. This includes the use of toner, which many people believe is not that essential. But, isn’t it?

What is Toner?

Every beauty care guru knows exactly what a toner is. It is a form of liquid that contains benzyl alcohol or salicylic acid. The ingredients it contains will usually depend on the type of skin it is formulated for. For example, a toner for oily skin must contain witch hazel and AHAs or alpha-hydroxy acids.

These toners come in three different types namely, tonics, astringents and bracers. Each of these are also formulated in different ways to suit varying skin types and issues.

Toners formulated for dry skin should have hyaluronic acid or glycerin which does a good job in hydrating the skin. Moreover, for the type of skin that’s prone to redness a toner that contains chamomile or aloe vera should be used.

Why is a Toner Essential for Your Skincare Routine?

1. It guarantees deeper cleanse.

Toners are known to do a wonderful job in providing secondary cleanse which helps make it easier for you to achieve that youthful glow. It removes leftover dirt from makeup in a way that a regular cleanser is not able to do.

In addition, toners can also eliminate grime and excess oil that usually buildup on your skin during night or day time. Toners also work effectively in removing dead skin cells that often lurk on your skin after washing. Toners are a great inclusion to your daily routine as it works to remove those debris that your soap missed while washing.

2. It improves skin complexion.

Toners are also formulated in a way that allows it to become capable of restoring those nutrients necessary for improved skin complexion. In fact, a well-formulated toner can significantly help improve even the most sensitive skin. It also works to rejuvenate the skin thus making it look firmer and tighter.

Other types of toners that contain botanical ingredients also produce a calming effect on the skin. This is so beneficial especially for individuals who have skin redness and other skin sensitivity issues.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, choose toners that contain green tea. People with sensitive skin may also benefit from using toners that contain aloe vera because of its soothing effect. It alleviates any discomfort associated with skin redness and irritation.

Toners that contain tea tree oil not only reduce pores. It also renews the look of your skin while leaving a matte finish.

3. It balances pH levels.

In the past, toners were used to renew the pH levels of the skin right after using facial soaps that contain alkaline. Naturally, human skin is acidic. It usually has a pH level of almost 5.

However, some soaps and cleansers contain a different level of acidity. This makes the skin become oily, easily irritated and dry. But with the help of a well formulated toner, your skin can immediately restore its natural pH level.

4. It enhances skin absorption.

Toners also provide a supportive role in your daily skincare regimen. If you’re about to apply facial creams and serums, might as well use a toner first. It makes your skin more absorbent and this helps maximize the benefits of other products you apply on it.

We have been told time and again that dry skin will not be able to absorb other products you apply on it. But since toners help eliminate dryness, you can be assured that your skin will become more absorbent.

In turn, the nutrients and other beneficial ingredients from the skin products will be able to penetrate onto your skin. Thus, increasing their efficiency.

5. It helps retain moisture.

Some types of facial toners contain rosewater and other natural ingredients that are beneficial in hydrating your skin. It will also ensure that the moisturizer you applied will work effectively. Another reason why the use of toner also contributes to a smoother look is its ability to reduce the appearance of pores.

6. It protects your skin.

Toners contain protective ingredients that shield the skin against any damage from environmental stressors. Some toners, such as those that contain witch hazel, not only work to unclog pores. But they’re also effective at balancing the natural oils in the skin and such can largely help in producing an even skin tone.

Knowing when to use toner is also an important factor in your skin care regimen. The ideal time to apply toner is after washing your face or before applying a moisturizer or serum. Using toner after cleansing helps ensure that any remaining residue will be eliminated.

Use toner in the morning to remove oil that builds up overnight. Use it again in the evening to eliminate excess dirt and makeup residue.

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