There’s another craze in the Australian beauty industry and it’s something you wouldn’t think would be used for skincare. It’s the LED light. Yes, you heard it. The light that you once used to brighten your home can now be used to brighten your skin.

How does light masks work?

According to dermatologists, LED is able to communicate to the skin in the same way that serums and facial products do. In fact, they argue that LED treatment is more effective since it reinforces cell regeneration through the different kinds of wavelengths that touch it.

For example, the red wavelengths are one of the most common you’ll hear that’s being transmitted by light masks. Red wavelengths provoke the cells to produce collagen. The more collagen your face has, the tighter it becomes. This means that you no longer have to go through invasive treatments just to avoid sagging skin.

Another wavelength is blue. The blue wavelength’s primary function is to kill acne-causing bacteria and regulates oil production in your face. If you have acne-prone skin, this is the kind of wavelength you should be exposed to as it treats the root cause of your acne.

There is also what you call purple light. Although it’s not as widely known as the other two wavelengths, the purple light triggers the cells to produce collagen and to reduce oil production. It’s like a 2-in-1 wavelength.

Lastly, you have a yellow light. This light can do two things – increase the mood and increase wound healing. Yellow light reinforces the skin cells to reduce the production of cortisol which is an aging hormone. It also helps you reduce stress so you eventually reduce wrinkles and lines.

How do you apply a light mask?

Excited to try this new non-invasive treatment? There are two ways on how you can apply a light mask. One is by purchasing a mask of your own. There are masks you can buy at Sephora or in actual facial care stores. This mask looks a little bit like the Power Rangers except that it is often silver, gold, or white.

Don’t worry about the instructions, the box always comes with a manual on how to use it. What’s great about a mask you bought is that you don’t have to keep going to a studio just to experience this treatment. The only disadvantage is you would pay at least 600 AUD for the device.

On the other hand, you can simply go to a skincare studio. Going to see a professional is a lot more helpful for some people because they get expert advice on how they should take care of their skin.

Most of the time, customers go through a consultation before applying the mask. In this way, they will know more about their skin and how best they should be treated.

While some people think that the light mask is a fad, people who have used it claim that they see results in as fast as one session. So if this is convincing enough, go get your light treatment ASAP!

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