Skin so soft, smooth, shiny, and that it appears like a mirror, the Korean beauty experts called it the glass skin. It’s the latest skincare craze coveted by women (and men even) of all ages and shapes. Thanks to the rich, organic formulation of most skincare products nowadays, the dream of having dewy translucent skin is now doable right within the comfort of our suburban Melbourne homes. One must, however, invest time and effort in following an arduous everyday process. Here’s how:

1. Double Cleanse

Not too many know that washing your face with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water still leaves residue, especially after a long day. You need to double cleanse with a cream cleanser or foam wash to effectively wipe out the sub-layer of dirt on face.

2. Exfoliate

Now it’s time to rub off dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt that make the skin dull and clog the pores, respectively. Exfoliate using physical (e.g., beads) or chemical (e.g., lactic acid) exfoliators, and be mindful of not over-scrubbing your face. Do it at least twice a week.

3. Tone

Toners prep the skin not only by rebalancing its pH level, but also by keeping it well-hydrated and aiding faster absorption of nutrients. Applying toner after cleansing further ensures minimal residue is left on the face before adding another layer of product.

4. Apply essence

Choose your favourite brand of essence and apply it generously over your face and neck. Unlike serum, essence is lighter yet still enriched with essential skin nutrients. It moisturises and corrects skin impurities like redness and pigmentation.

5. Apply serum or ampoule

Serums or ampoules are thicker in texture, so minimal product application is advised. Serums are formulated to target more than one skin problem, usually containing vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid, retinoids, and ceramides. They boost hydration, minimise fine lines, promote collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of pores. Find the brand that fits your skin type.

6. Moisturise

You’re probably thinking you’ve applied too much already. But to achieve the dewy glass-like look, you still have to apply another layer of light-weight moisturiser or lotion. Different variants exist nowadays to include those with anti-aging and UV-ray protection properties. Take your pick.

7. Don’t forget the eye mask

Under-eye skin is too thin and delicate, the reason why it’s where wrinkles first appear. Invest in good quality eye masks and put them over your under-eyes every night. Since the area is drier than the other parts of the skin, you may consider applying specially-formulated eye cream after.

8. Lastly, put on your facial sheet

Putting on mask is relatively easy and relaxing, a perfect way to cap the night. Finish your regimen with a good mask, which helps clean impurities, lock in moisture, and infuse nutrients into your skin. Different variants are available – collagen, snail mucin, bee extract, hyaluronic, and so on. You can vary masks for a wider coverage of skin problems. If you are obsessed with essential oils like many other Aussies are, have your drop and apply them.

There is certainly no way to beat around the bush for the most sought-after glass skin. But trust in the process of rigorous skincare regimen. Take care of your health. Sleep and drink water. Nourish your inside as you polish your outside appearance. Eventually, you’ll achieve your skin goals.


Nicola is always on the lookout for the best beauty tools and skincare products. She believes in "prevention is better than cure" so she is always trying to perfect her beauty routine to avoid premature aging. Fun fact about Nicola: She owns a lot of sunscreens as she carries a mini sunscreen in each of her handbags and backpacks.