Your feet work hard every day, thus you will want to take great care of them. Any issue with your feet may also be a symptom of serious conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and nerve or circulatory problems. Follow these simple steps to keep your feet happy.

1. Wear The Right Shoes

While this does not mean you should never wear heels, you should always make sure that your feet are comfortable and that the shoes fit well. Otherwise, they will feel tired, worn down, or cause blisters and corns. This is why you need to try out the shoes well before buying them. Let heels break in slowly, so do not wear them too much in the beginning.

2. Soak Your Feet Often

Soaking your feet is key to avoid rough and dry skin. You do not need a fancy foot bath; some warm water is already perfect. A few drops of oil is also a good idea. Leave them on the water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Scrub

After soaking the feet, you can follow through with a good scrub so that any dry or rough parts. You can use a pumice stone and a foot scrub, just make sure to do it while the feet are damp.

4. Let Them Breathe

Simply taking the shoes off after a long day at work will already make them happier. They need some air and to release the dirt and sweat that have built up in the shoes the whole day. Unless it’s cold or you apply lotion on them, you do not really need to put socks on at night.

5. Remove The Polish

If you leave nail polish on, they can wear down the nails. This is even more important before putting on a new coat. In fact, you might want to let them stay polish-free before applying a new layer.

6. Trim The Toenails

Ingrown and broken toenails are both unattractive and painful. This is why it is important to trim the toenails. You just need to avoid cutting them too short, as it may lead to some discomfort as well.

7. Moisturise The Feet

Much like the rest of your body, your feet also need some moisturising. This way, you can keep them feeling as soft as baby feet. Choose a good foot cream or some natural oils but you need something thicker because the skin of the feet is thicker.

A product with vitamin E and coconut oil are the best, as they keep the feet as smooth as possible. They will also soothe tired feet and keep them hydrated. For very dry skin, you might want to go for some overnight moisturising treatment like using cocoa butter and keeping the feet safe in some socks. You will wake up to softer feet in the morning.

The feet are some of the most hardworking and neglected parts of the body, so giving them some TLC once in a while will keep them healthy and happy, and keep you mobile and energetic the rest of the day.

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