Perfectly groomed eyebrows are possible to achieve. But for many women, it may not be too easy to do. Do you find it hard to nail that perfect arch or even just to keep your brows look neat? Relax. Here are some tips on how you can shape your eyebrows well.

Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Working on Your Eyebrows

Gather all the tools you need.

The key to a perfectly shaped eyebrows is the right tool and for many women it will not only mean using one tool. You probably would need several.

These tools may include a spoolie brush, sharp brow scissors, brow pencil and slanted steel tweezers. You will also need cold compresses made from cotton balls soaked in water and then chilled in a fridge.

Wash your face.

Washing your face will remove any makeup, dust or dirt residue from your eyebrows. If these are not removed your tweezers will have a hard time clinging to tiny brow hairs. As a result, you will also find it hard to shape your brows according to your desired arch.

Do it in a well-lit room.

A well-lit room ensures that you can clearly see your brows. It will also allow you to see how much of your brows have been plucked on each side. Enough lighting is also necessary for safety reasons. You will not run the risk of hurting yourself when the tweezers hit the wrong spot near your eyes.

One pro tip: You may do it inside your car. When it is facing the natural light then you will have the perfect spot where you can pluck your eyebrows. You can lock your car doors and let down the mirror so nobody can distract you once you start working.

Avoid using a magnifying mirror.

A magnifying mirror may be helpful as it allows you to see each tiny brow clearly. However, using it the whole time will prevent you from seeing the entire look of your brow.

This is because you have been so preoccupied about looking at each brow that you tend to ignore how your eyebrows will look together with your eyes and face.

Steps to Shaping Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

Step 1: Identify your brow shape.

Each of us has their own natural brow shape. So, before you start plucking you must first identify its natural shape by using the map technique. Use your nose as your point of origin to ensure that your eyebrows observe symmetry and balance.

When determining the shape of your brow, you have to figure out its head, arch and tail. Use a pencil and rest it against your nose in a vertical position. Notice the part of the brow where the pencil touches. This will serve as the head of your eyebrow. Mark this specific spot because this is where your brows should start.

The natural arch of your eyebrows is where the outer edge of your eye’s iris is. The end tail of your eyebrows must be situated at the outer corner of the eyes.

Then connect the three markings you did, that is, the head, tail and arch by drawing a straight line below and above your brow. All the hair that you find outside these lines must be removed and leave everything that’s within the lines.

Step 2: Trim any outliers using a spoolie.

If you do not have a spoolie, you may also use a clear brow gel so you can keep your eyebrow hairs in place. But give it enough time to dry so it would be easier to trim.

Only trim those outliers, which means all the hairs that are jumping out of your brows. Trim them in a downward angle so that you will not be blocking the view of your own eyebrows. Remember to snip one hair at a time.

Another important thing to keep in mind when snipping outliers is that not every hair you find should be snipped. If you comb your eyebrows and notice some falling back into place, leave these alone. They should not be snipped but rather you just need to brush them.

When you trim, do it from the head and then to the arch. Be scrupulous when trimming the tail part of your eyebrows. Trimming your eyebrow tails too much could make you end up with brows that have gaps.

Note that the tail part of the brow is naturally sparser; you will have to rely on the length of the tail hairs to be able to fill this part.

Step 3: Use wax-based eyebrow pencil.

Now that you’re done trimming your eyebrows, fill them out using a wax-based eyebrow pencil. Do this soon after you have cleaned the eyebrows. It should be free from marking, pieces of snipped hair and any dirt that could affect the overall look of your eyebrows.

When filling your eyebrows with a pencil, always remember to fill the head part thicker than the tail part. Always choose the sharpest pencil. This allows you to create better strokes. The thinner the pencil, the more hair-like your strokes would become.

Another pro tip: Make it two shades darker if your eyebrows are light in color. If they’re naturally dark in color, fill them out with a pencil that’s two shades lighter.

Filling your eyebrows with exactly the same depth of color will only make them look less natural. Just imagine filling your dark eyebrows with a dark colored pencil. It does not look pretty.

When you’re done filling in your eyebrows with a pencil, run a spoolie through them to be able to blend the pencil well. This step will help create more natural looking eyebrows.

These are the steps to having perfectly shaped eyebrows. Do not forget to rest every ten minutes. A tired arm will become less capable of trimming the right hair, marking the right spot or coloring the hair accurately. Don’t even start shaping your eyebrows if you are in a hurry. Set aside enough time or risk having ugly looking eyebrows.

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