Dark underarms are one of the biggest insecurities of women. Just imagine wearing tank tops and not being able to raise your hands properly. It may seem that you can hide your dark underarms at the back of your hair or by not raising your hand at all but it’s going to be a struggle nonetheless.

There are many reasons why your underarms get darker. Sometimes, it’s because of allergies or dirt that get stuck there after a day of wearing deodorant. If you want to say goodbye to these underarm woes, here are five tips on how to keep your underarms naturally white.

1. Choose a Deodorant that is Gentle and Natural

One of the main reasons for dark underarms is a powerful deodorant. There are some deodorants that are too harsh on the skin which causes it to darken. If you have sensitive skin, chances are, it ends up having dark spots or it gets itchy.

Switch to a milder deodorant that doesn’t irritate your skin. Usually, the best alternatives are all-natural products like baking soda. If you just want a product that prevents bad odor, then baking soda can suffice. It’s odorless and it doesn’t harm the skin. If your underarms don’t produce any odor, then consider not using deodorant at all.

2. Scrub Your Underarms Regularly

Exfoliating is one way of taking care of your pits. By using an all-natural scrub like coffee or baking soda, you can get rid of dead skin cells that clog your pores. You can also remove the residue from your deodorant. When scrubbing, make sure you do it gently because you don’t want to go too rough on your skin.

3. Stop Shaving

Shaving leads to dark underarms. If you want to have a more sustainable underarm hair removal, you can switch to waxing or laser hair removal. Some waxing salons use natural sugar as the actual wax. You can also get laser treatment but this is more expensive.

The beauty of these treatments is that your hair starts to grow slower and thinner if you wax or laser regularly.

4. Avoid Clothes that are Too Tight on Your Armpits

Tight clothes can cause your underarm to darken because they produce friction with your pits. As much as possible, wear loose clothing that doesn’t reach your armpits. If this can’t be avoided, make sure that you wear soft fabrics which don’t produce friction around your arms.

5. Rub Some Lemon on Your Underarms

If your underarms are still dark, you can do some home remedies that can help lighten this area. One of the most common remedies is rubbing a slice of lemon on each of your underarms. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with cool water. Air-dry the area and then apply moisturiser or your deodorant.

In general, having dark underarms is normal. Most women and men have these problems. Nonetheless, you can always use home remedies or create an armpit care routine so you can maintain the health and freshness of your underarms.

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