In this day and age when wearing a pair of shorts and sleeveless clothes is a thing especially during summer, having flawless knees and elbows can boost your self-confidence.

Seeing people stare at the dark spots in these body parts can be embarrassing. While this skin condition is not something to worry about, you can easily treat it in several ways using items that you can find in your kitchen.

Here are some of the best home remedies to keep the skin on your knees and elbows as light as the skin in your body.

1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a green plant with succulent leaves that contain a gel. People use it as a shampoo to have long, shiny, and healthy hair. One can find many products in drug stores that contain Aloe Vera including bath soap and lotion, which are believed to help in getting clear and light skin.

To use Aloe Vera gel, apply one tablespoon to the knees and elbows by gently rubbing it on the dark areas. Do this twice and thrice a week. You can observe that the skin tone of your knees and elbows now match the color of the skin all over your body.

2. Rub a Mixture of Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Lemon has been known to have bleaching property. First, slice the lemon into two halves. Dust the top of the lemon with one teaspoon of baking soda. Massage the mixture onto your knees and elbows for one minute.

Wait for 15 minutes before washing the mixture off with warm water. Do this daily until the skin is as light as that in your arms and legs.

3. Use Potatoes

Stop worrying about the dark tone of your knees and elbows. A solution just lies in your kitchen and that is the potato that you eat every day. This staple contains an enzyme called catecholase, which makes your skin soft and helps get rid of the dark areas.

On can grate the potatoes and squeeze to remove the juice. Apply the juice on the skin. The potatoes can also be sliced and rubbed directly on the discolored areas.

4. Sugar and Olive Oil

Using water and soap to scrub your knees and elbows is not enough. Some of the dead cells that have accumulated on the skin can be difficult to remove without the aid of a cleansing agent.

Try mixing sugar and olive oil and rub the mixture on your knees and elbows. It provides your skin the nutrients and hydration it needs and helps you get rid of dead skin. Do this on a daily basis for one week for a remarkable effect.

Don’t allow dark knees and elbows to prevent you from wearing clothes that you love to wear or go with fashion.

Try these amazing ways to lighten dark knees and elbows and see the big difference. They do not cost much and you can stop worrying about suffering from drastic effects on your skin.

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