Going to a party? Attending an important seminar? Or simply going out with friends to have some fun? Whatever you do or whatever event you want to go to, you must want to look stylish and beautiful.

And what best way to do that than create different hairstyles to fit the occasion. However, it can get expensive to go to the salon every time you attend a special occasion. Fortunately, there is the hair straightener.

Hair straighteners are a great addition to your hair arsenal because they are effective, easy to use and a good investment. If you are planning to purchase one, here are our top recommendations.

How to choose the right hair straightener

Indeed, it is not an easy task to choose the right hair straightener. Aside from different factors such as temperature, heat-up time, plate type, durability, and even versatility are things that you want to consider. There’s a lot of options to choose from!

However, you have to be clear about what your needs are and what type of hair you have. Ask yourself if you want to have a travel-friendly tool, ionic or ceramic straightener, and the like.

What does a hair straightener do?

Amazingly, hair straighteners or flat irons help in flattening kinks in frizzy and coarse hair. They straighten out naturally curly or wavy hair a lot better than hairdryer or brushing. They are also versatile and the best way to create different hairstyles especially when you want to change your look every time or attend special occasions.

What are the different types of hair straighteners?

To know more about these versatile tools, here are the types:

Ceramic straighteners

As the name suggests, these have ceramic plates that evenly distribute heat in your hair. The only downside of ceramic is that the ceramic coating can start peeling off over time. And because of that, it takes away its effectiveness in making your hair look smooth.

They are best for moderately curly hair or wavy hair. But if you have frizzy or very tight curls, this can still help in straightening your hair but you won’t be able to achieve a soft and silky look.

Tourmaline straighteners

The plates on these straighteners are infused with ground tourmaline dust. Tourmaline straighteners produce negative ions when heated and require less heat when straightening your hair.

They are best for fine, colour-treated, or damaged hair. They are also the best choice when you have chemically treated hair, brittle hair, or frequently colour your hair.

Ionic straightener

These straighteners are made with ionic technology that keeps the moisture in your hair making it silky and glossy. They are also great for different types of hair textures.

Ionic straighteners are great for several hair types that include dry, curly, frizzy, wavy, and coarse hair. If you have fine hair, be sure not to turn up the heat too high because it will make your hair look flat and limp. Meanwhile, when using it to damage and brittle hair, use the lowest possible heat setting to protect hair from damage.

Titanium straighteners

These types of straighteners offer the same benefits as tourmaline but with additional benefits. They also produce negative ions and don’t require too much heat. The only difference is that they heat up quickly and are more expensive than other hair straighteners.

They work well with hair that is colour-treated, damaged, and brittle.

Wet to dry straighteners

These are designed with venting systems that allow you to use them for wet or damp hair. So, women who are always in a hurry – this type may be a good option for you. There’s no need to dry your hair before using the tool.

Ideal for wavy hair however if you have coarse, curly, or frizzy hair, the final result may not be as straight as you want them to be. It is also not as smooth or as sleek as ceramic straighteners provide. You may need to use another straightener if you want to make your hair frizz-free.

With these different types of hair straighteners, you will be able to know which one is the best for you. Additionally, hair straighteners not only help straighten your hair but can also be used to do different styles for your hair.


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