With shows like “Botched” scaring people out of cosmetic surgeries, it’s not surprising that more Australians prefer holistic and alternative approaches to anti-aging.

Enter facial acupuncture – a trusted Chinese method that’s been used for centuries to help promote health and prevent the signs of rapid aging. But what exactly does this do and how does it help? Here’s what you should know.

Wonderfully Relaxing Treatment

Facial acupuncture doesn’t start and end with the therapist placing needles on your face. Instead, it can include a discussion about your overall health, a facial massage, and so on. The whole experience therefore is wonderfully relaxing and compounded by the strategic use of needles. The needles themselves are placed on energy channels of the body as determined by traditional Chinese medicine.

The energy, also known as “Qi” is the life force of the body and by stimulating the channels from which Qi flows, a person can hit the “reset” button and essentially get rid of any negativity that they may be carrying around.

Now, you’d think that having needles inserted onto your face would be the last thing to relaxing – but the subtle stimulation is actually painless.

Helps with Collagen Production

Microneedling is actually an accepted beauty treatment done by dermatologists to stimulate collagen production. As the name suggests, it’s the careful use of very small needles to massage the skin and encourage the production of new skin cells.

As it turns out, this benefit is not limited to micro needling. Acupuncture produces similar reasons and for the same exact reason. As the needle stimulates the skin and surrounding areas, it encourages blood flow and skin rejuvenation.

Gives the Skin a Satisfying Glow

Now, it can be tough to quantify this result but those who have tried facial acupuncture testified to the fact that they noted a glow to their skin within 24 hours after undergoing the treatment. This is actually the direct result of collagen production coupled with blood flow as the skin reacts to the stimulation.

It Can Help with Acne Breakouts

Working by aligning and correctly the flow of energy in the body, there’s evidence to show that facial acupuncture can help minimise pimple outbreaks – especially for people with acne.

Dermatologists have a more scientific reasoning for this as acne can be triggered by stress and hormonal imbalances. As the facial acupuncture treatment can help relax a person and minimise stress signals, it also has the capability of minimising acne outbreaks.

It Can Prevent Skin Sagging

Many today see facial acupuncture as an alternative to Botox. Now, while acupuncture may not have an instant and drastic effect to prevent skin sagging, it is a much more natural way of delaying signs of aging as opposed to Botox or refills. To get the full effect of acupuncture as an anti-aging treatment, it must be done on a regular basis.

Of course, all of the benefits listed here can only be enjoyed if you go to a trusted practitioner. Find someone who has the expertise to provide you with facial acupuncture and walk out feeling young and refreshed.

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