Long, tiring days and sleepless nights can leave visible signs in your face, specifically those bags or shadows under your eyes.

While it might be attributed to stress and exhaustion, it can also be due to genetics. It means pigmentation means the skin under the eyes looks darker.

Genes can be the ultimate cause of this but it may also be due to damage from too much sun exposure. Dilated veins can also appear darker and bigger due to tiredness.

It may, however, also be because of your diet or allergies. Whatever the causes are, the experts have the following tips to reduce or even get rid of these dark rings permanently.

1. Change Your Diet

When your skin does not look healthy, then you should review what you are eating. It will help a lot when you add vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy fats, lean protein, and whole grains to your diet.

Moreover, you will need to stop that glass of wine or reduce your caffeine intake because they can contribute to the appearance of these dark circles under your eyes.

2. Improve Your Sleeping Patterns

While stress might be attributed to these eye bags, it can also be brought about by inadequate amounts and poor quality of sleep.

If you have a stressful job, try out some relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga to lessen your stress levels and allow you to have that good night’s sleep. Not just your skin, but also your whole mind, body, and soul, will benefit from adequate rest.

3. Wear Sunscreen

The sun can contribute to poor skin, with its harsh rays that contribute to those dark circles in the eyes. It does not mean that you should stay indoors and limit your activities under the sun, you simply need to make sure to use sunscreen.

While there are products with sun protection specifically for the face, there are some that both conceal and protect.

4. Stay Healthy

Habits that are very bad for your health, like smoking, can negatively affect your body and skin. Even inhaling secondhand smoke can already make those eye bags worse.

Other risk factors include having a bad diet, inadequate exercise, and being overweight. To look better, you need to make your body feel better and healthier.

5. Incorporate A Skincare Regimen

During these busy times, it is easy to sacrifice personal care like taking care of your skin. However, you do not really need to spend so much time to improve the skin under your eyes and the rest of your face.

Invest in products that have vitamin C and hyaluronic acid and you will see your skin look lighter and more radiant.

6. Conceal And Cover

For a quick fix after a long sleepless night, you will simply need to rely on your concealer and make-up to reduce the dark circles.

The important thing is to choose the right shade of concealer and powder to cover them up because otherwise, you might end up needing to apply so much and still look tired. If you are unsure, consult a beauty consultant to find the right shade and product.

Covering up is the best and fastest way to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, but if you truly want to look radiant at all times, you should follow these tips.

Happy, healthy skin will reflect especially on your face, that you will never need to put on thick layers of make-up to emulate.

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