There is an old saying that time can heal wounds; the sad thing is that it cannot erase the scars left by the wound. Scars can be caused by skin infections, injury, and surgery. If you keep touching and popping your pimples, they can get infected and leave ugly scars that destroy your looks.

And although scars are not a threat to one’s health, their appearance can make people lose their self-confidence especially when others stare at their highly-visible marks.

What Are Scars?

When the skin is wounded or damaged, the body releases collagen fibers to replace the damaged skin. Deeper wounds require more collagen fibers to heal. These fibers appear as prominent scars. Small wounds require fewer collagen fibers and the scar is barely noticeable.

Although a scar cannot be completely eliminated, their size can be reduced and the texture can be improved to make them less visible as years go by. If you have a scar that always bothers you, try the following ways to eradicate scars on your skin.

Natural Remedies

There are several natural cures to help eradicate scars on your skin. Potatoes are known to help get rid of annoying scars. Cut a potato into several slices. Rub one slice to the scar until it has lost its moisture.

Replace with a fresh slice. Do this every day and notice how the scar becomes less visible. Do this regularly until you can observe that the scar has faded and acquires color and texture that blend with the skin surrounding the scar.

Honey is another natural way of eliminating scars. Apply a thin layer of honey to the scar before going to bed. Use a bandage to cover the scar where you applied honey. Leave it for the whole night.

The next morning, remove the bandage and wash the honey away. Do this every night and see how the scar becomes lighter and smaller.

Other natural remedies are aloe vera gel, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and lavender and olive oil, to name a few. These remedies are not costly because you can find most of them in your kitchen.

Other Treatments

Aside from natural remedies, you can use other treatments. There are several curs that you can buy from drug stores such as gels and cream. These can work with scars used by wounds and other skin injuries.

Your scars can also be removed using surgical procedures. This treatment is ideal for deep scars. This includes skin grafting, laser surgery, and excision. Skin grafting involves the removal of skin from other parts of the body and transplanting it to the scar.

A surgeon performs the operation. However, this is recommended for serious scars caused by burns or those that can affect a person’s mobility.

Otherwise, waiting for the scar to fade is still the best option. Steroid injections are useful in getting rid of scars such as keloids and other deep scars. All these treatments must be done by a qualified surgeon for safe and good results.

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