Hey all, I am dedicating this post to combination skin girls because I have combination skin, but I promise to write on both dry and ageing skins as well in my next posts.

If you have combination skin like me, you already know the struggle of having shiny T-zone with dry patches like the Sahara Desert on the cheeks area. Girls like us need to make sure we get the right skincare as it can be quite difficult to manage both oily and dry skin at the same time!

Don’t be like me, trying many different brands and diagnosing my type of skin as dry for years before I found my holy grail skincare. I use it religiously now and it makes my skin feels mosturised yet not oily.

A beauty regimen doesn’t have to be a 10-step process if you have generally healthy skin. All you need is a cleanser, toner or serum and apply moisturiser before bed. Only apply products that target problem areas if you have them. For instance, if you have acne, then apply acne cream in addition to the basic 3 steps.

Tip: If you are heading out in the day, don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen to protect yourself from the evil UVs!

Here I have listed 3 products that are great for combination skin. If you are unsure what type of you have, it is best to get a dermatologist to check what type of skin you are before jumping straight into using skincare ????

1. Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

It can get rid of impurities and dirt yet very gentle to skin leaving it soft and supple.


2. Givenchy Hydra Sparkling High Mosturizing Luminescent Serum

This is my holy grail. It smells great and my skin feels like there is a layer of protection once applied.

3. Origins GinZing Mosturiser

It is not too rich, very light weight. It can also be used for all skin types.


Nicola is always on the lookout for the best beauty tools and skincare products. She believes in "prevention is better than cure" so she is always trying to perfect her beauty routine to avoid premature aging. Fun fact about Nicola: She owns a lot of sunscreens as she carries a mini sunscreen in each of her handbags and backpacks.