Excess hair has been a problem for many men and women. While you can have it shaved, waxed, or even go to the clinic – getting rid of hair can be time-consuming and a daunting experience.

If you are one of those women looking for ways to get rid of excess hair permanently, you might want to consider investing in your own IPL device with our top recommendations here.

What is an IPL device?

An IPL device or Intense Pulse Light device uses different wavelengths of light in targeting pigment within the hair. Once light reaches the pigment, it’s heated to a level that stops the growth of the cells which eradicates hair.

While there are experts who say that IPL devices are not as effective as going to a clinic and be treated with laser hair removal, it is important to take note that having a device of your own has a lot of benefits.

What are the benefits of an IPL device at home?

The most important benefit that you can get from an IPL device is convenience. You no longer have to book an appointment and go out of your house just to get treated every time. Now, that’s a lot of time saved, right?

Aside from that, here are more benefits:

One time investment

If you think that IPL devices can be quite expensive, consider this. Getting a professional laser hair removal treatment can be more expensive than owning an IPL device hence it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The cost of having a laser hair removal treatment for your legs or bikini lines at a clinic is way more expensive than the device itself. You need to have a series of visits before you can see permanent results. Hence, your IPL device is more economical and practical.

Additionally, the device can be used by other members of the family and even men can use it to remove excess hair as well.

Treatment is almost pain-free

Another key consideration that differs the IPL device from other hair removal methods like waxing or electrolysis, is that the process is almost pain-free.

However, pain can be different from person to person. IPL devices are said to be less painful or at times no pain is felt during the hair removal process. You may only feel a slight tingling sensation and the treatment is done.

Safe and effective

Studies show that IPL devices are safe to use and very effective with minimal side effects disappearing in a short amount of time.

You can also experience a more permanent result, with repeated use, as the hair doesn’t grow back right away unlike other hair removal methods. They can also be used all over the body where there is excess hair like the armpits, legs, arms, bikini line, and even the face.

Easy to use

Using the IPL device does not require a complicated process. Simply follow the instructions depending on what brand or type of IPL device you own and you are all set to use it. What’s more, most IPL devices have safety features that can keep you from hurting or damaging your skin.


Yes, aside from getting rid of excess hair, there are IPL devices that provide photorejuvenation. Photorejuvenation is a skin treatment where lasers and intense pulsed light treats skin conditions. It helps remove the effect of photo ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots, and textures.

IPL provides photorejuvenation because it uses flashlamps that produce high-intensity light over broad visible and infrared wavelengths. And because of this feature, it can help treat different skin problems like acne, melasma, and photodamage.


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