Microcurrent facial or microcurrent therapy is becoming very popular these days. Because many women want to look good without non-invasive procedures or going under the knife, it has become the best alternative to make skin younger-looking and beautiful.

If you want to have more chiseled cheekbones, glowing complexion, or firmer skin, microcurrent facial may be the right treatment for you!

Let us know more about it.

What is Microcurrent facial?

A microcurrent facial is the closest thing that you can get from having a facelift. It is a new and innovative skincare treatment that can be done by professionals or you can do it at home using a device.

The purpose is to tighten the appearance of your skin without surgery and more importantly, no downtime and totally painless too! It is like a gym workout for your face.

What to expect?

If you are new or this is your first time getting a microcurrent facial, here are some things that you might want to know before trying out this treatment.

The Microcurrent facial procedure

Before going to your appointment be sure that you are prepared by ensuring that you are well-hydrated. Eat normally before the procedure because it may take quite a while for the procedure to finish.

Don’t wear any makeup and ensure that you clean your face using a gentle wash. You may also want to stop using your retinol or retinoid for about five to seven days before the treatment to ensure that your face is free of any skincare product.

A professional microcurrent facial will start just like a regular facial. The treatment, which may take about an hour will begin with cleaning and exfoliation. An aesthetician will apply a gel before sliding two metal prongs around the surface of your skin to transmit electrical pulses.

This electrical current is designed to give your facial muscles a “work-out” which lifts and tightens every muscle to redefine your features. It is just like training your body when exercising – it retrains your facial muscles to stay firm and more lifted, giving you higher brows, a chiseled jawline, and a younger-looking appearance.

But don’t worry, microcurrent facial is not painful! There are some people who don’t feel anything at all, but there may be some who can feel a slight tingling sensation at first. However, it is also important to take note that if you have sensitive skin, you may feel a bit of discomfort. So, you may want to discuss this with your aesthetician before you start with the procedure.

Overall, as the treatment continues, you will become more comfortable and not feel anything at all.

Results of a microcurrent facial

Amazingly, after just one treatment you may feel that your skin is lifted and rejuvenated. You can see the results practically within minutes after the procedure. Your skin is glowing and some of your features begin to get more defined. The best part of this treatment, you can go back to your daily routine in no time.

Side effects with the treatment

Microcurrent facials have a long history of being safe, so there’s no need to worry. But every individual is different and you may feel a bit different after the treatment. Some people may feel a bit drowsy or tired and this may last about 20 minutes. Hence, after your treatment, be sure to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated.

A word of caution, microcurrent facials are not advisable for pregnant women or those who have pacemakers. So, be sure that you ask your dermatologist or specialist before undergoing this treatment.

The cost of treatment

Like many professional treatments, the price varies depending on your aesthetician and location. Microcurrent procedures generally cost about $200-$500, which can be expensive for some.

Takes more than one session for best results

With the price tag in mind, this is where microcurrent facials can get more expensive especially if you want to maintain and experience the best results.

Microcurrent facials provide better results when you have them consistently. The benefits will add up and stick around with frequent treatments so there are some people who do them weekly.

Can you do a microcurrent facial at home?

If you want to maintain the results you have achieved from your sessions in professional spas, investing in a microcurrent device may be the best thing to do. Aside from saving money from treatments, the device can be used for a long time with no added cost.

There are a number of devices available in the market and you can check out our recommendations.

Do at-home microcurrent devices work?

Yes. Aside from being safe, consistent use of the device can help maintain and provide the result you want to achieve for your skin.

According to skincare experts, these at-home devices are great for maintenance between facial treatments. All you need to do is use the device for about five minutes a day to see the results. Just be sure to use the microcurrent activator as they are specifically formulated to conduct the current and enhance the results.

There are also no side effects just like in clinic or spa treatments. Although there are some people who may feel a bit of a tingling sensation. If that happens, according to the experts, just add a few more activators in the area that you are treating.


If you are someone who loves to take care of your skin, there’s nothing wrong with discovering new innovations to keep it healthy and younger-looking. Microcurrent facials are the next best thing if you want to have rejuvenated and lifted skin without undergoing the knife and breaking your bank.

Just be sure to listen to your skin and practice the right skincare routine that works best for you.


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