Celebrities and beauty experts have long been promoting the benefits of microcurrent facials. In fact, most celebrities swear that it is their go-to treatment especially when they are attending red carpet appearances.

So, if you are interested to know more about microcurrent facials and the devices, here are the things you might want to catch up with.

But what is microcurrent, anyway?

Microcurrent has been in the industry since the ancient Egyptian years. Microcurrent therapy is a form of electrotherapy that was introduced in the US in the late 70s by Chinese physician Dr. Thomas Wing. It was used to treat Bell’s Palsy and muscle paralysis.

But while there was no evidence to prove that microcurrent therapy was effective in treating this condition, Dr. Wing discovered that there are other skin benefits when using it such as giving a smoother skin tone and younger-looking skin.

Hence, it became the reason why it is popular these days.

For those who are new in discovering this treatment, microcurrent uses an electromagnetic current to help stimulate the facial muscles which over the course of several treatments, tightens and lifts the skin. It helps promote cell growth in the skin. As an extra bonus, the procedure is painless, noninvasive, and injection-free.

The treatments provide immediate benefits without any recovery time.

How is microcurrent facial done?

There are two ways that they are done – professional and using an at-home microcurrent device or facial toning device.

Professional treatment

Professional treatments include having an aesthetician do the procedure. A thin layer of conductive gel will be applied to your face. Once it is done, two hand-held prongs that are attached to a microcurrent machine will be used and you will feel a low-frequency current on your skin.

Your aesthetician will work on the settings according to your skin. The treatment usually lasts about 60-90 minutes and you may need to shell about $200 to $600 depending on your area.

At-home microcurrent devices

Otherwise known as facial toning devices, you may also use this option. There are a lot of good quality devices available in the market and they also provide the same benefits as professional treatments plus the convenience of doing it in the comfort of your home.

When using an at-home microcurrent device, make sure that it comes with a conductive gel too. These devices are cheaper compared to going to a professional treatment every time. However, they are less powerful than the professional microcurrent machines used in clinic and spas. That’s why there are some women who still prefer going to the clinics especially if they have the budget for it. But with regular and proper use, you will be able to get the same benefits as well.

Lasting benefits of using microcurrent or facial toning devices

It is amazing how technology improves as time goes by and it shows with the introduction of these microcurrent or facial toning devices. Here are some of the lasting benefits you can get from using them:

Diminished fine lines and wrinkles

Studies show that your skin’s collagen content decreases by 1% every year. Using the device will help enhance your skin’s ATP or adenosine triphosphate production which helps stimulate collagen production and elastin synthesis.

As a result, this helps in slowing down skin ageing and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Re-trains facial muscles

As we age, the muscles become weaker which results in sagging skin. But with regular use of facial toning devices, they help tone the muscles in your skin. Think of it as a work-out for your facial muscles. It helps in toning and re-energising the muscles to help contour your face and reduce skin sagging.

Boosts blood circulation

Aside from enhancing collagen and elastin production, regular use of the device helps in increasing blood flow in your face. At a cellular level, this helps in improving nutrient and oxygen supply in your skin which will result in a healthy and glowing complexion.

Diminished skin roughness and pigmentation

And because blood flow is improved, your skin will feel smooth and younger-looking. Better cell regeneration happens which eliminates skin roughness and the appearance of dark pigments.

Better healing

Since the treatment stimulates the production of ATP, you are giving food for your cells to work more efficiently. Hence, with proper nourishment, more energy is provided to your cells which helps in accelerating healing, especially for those who experience acne.

Who should go for microcurrent facials?

Microcurrent facials are suitable for all ages. If you are in your 20s, it is good to use a preventive treatment. This will help ward off the early signs of ageing. On the other hand, if you are already in your 40s and are already experiencing the signs of ageing, use it as an anti-ageing treatment.

But of course, take caution because microcurrent facials are not advisable for those who have the following conditions:

  • Severe acne or other inflammatory skin conditions
  • Pregnant
  • Heart issues or those who are wearing a pacemaker
  • Have metal implants on the face
  • Had Botox or fillers two weeks before the facial treatment

Make sure that you consult with your dermatologist before undergoing this treatment.


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