Imagine having a tiring and stressful day and all you want to do is relax and take a rest? Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit around, do nothing, and get a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home?

Let’s admit it, your feet rarely get the TLC they need, and most of the time they are taken for granted. Therefore, it pays to reward them once in a while, and luckily, there’s a way to do it with the help of a foot spa.

Foot spas are not only used to massage your tired feet but also provide a lot of benefits for your whole body.

How do you use foot spas?

It is easy to use your foot spa. For some just add warm, clean water to the foot spa then it is good to go. Others prefer adding their favourite salts, essential oils, or other natural ingredients that can enhance the bath and provide great health benefits for the body.

These foot spas serve as massagers that can help relieve stiffness and soreness of your feet while giving you relaxation. They can also prepare you for a good pedicure by softening and exfoliating your skin which makes it easier to scrub and cleanses your feet thoroughly.

The good thing about foot spas, they can heat water and maintain a constant temperature which creates a soothing and relaxing experience.

Benefits of foot spas

Aside from relaxation and soothing tired feet, it also has other benefits for your body.

Improve blood circulation

The heat and massage elements of a foot spa help in boosting blood circulation in your feet. Therefore, it aids in distributing adequate blood flow all over your body.

Provides pain relief

If you are someone who walks or stands the whole day, it is probable that you may have tired and sore feet once you get home. Engaging in a once or twice a week foot spa can help alleviate pain. It relieves foot and ankle pain with its heating and massaging features.

Helps detoxify body

Aside from improving blood circulation, massaging the muscles in your feet, the massage helps in stimulating vital organs that help in detoxifying your body. Adding bath salts such as Epsom salt while using your foot spa can also aid in the detoxification process.

Lowers blood pressure

Improved blood circulation helps in lowering your blood pressure. Since gravity requires your heart to pump blood harder all over your body, the effect of having better blood circulation will make it easier for your heart to perform well.

Reduces edema

Edema or fluid retention occurs commonly in the feet or ankles especially when you are pregnant. However, there are some people who experience this due to excess salt consumption. Using your foot spa can help reduce and release the excess fluid in your feet to prevent serious problems.

Treats some foot disorders

Regular use of foot spas can help in treating and preventing foot problems such as corns, dry skin, calluses, and even bunions. It helps remove dead skin which is good for exfoliation thus giving you healthy skin on your feet.

Helps in recovering from foot injury

If you are an athlete or often engage in challenging workouts, you may often experience foot injuries that will need some time to recover. Foot spas can help in reducing inflammation and allow your feet to recover quickly from these injuries. It will also prevent muscle soreness and further injury.

What to look for when buying a foot spa?

It can be overwhelming to look for the best foot spa that is suited for your needs. Luckily, we have compiled them all here to make it easier for you.

And if you have decided which one to purchase, here are some considerations to look at:

Bubble features

Your tired and aching feet need oxygen to recover and it also helps in boosting blood circulation. Hence, oxygen bubbles are important so they can help deliver the oxygen in a foot bath and add to the healing benefits of a massage.


An excellent foot spa has good massage features that include rollers that knead the muscles in your feet. There are some that have a vibration option which is great for boosting circulation and relaxation as well.

Look for those that have removable rollers as well so they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Heating functions

While there are some foot baths that only have warm or hot water options, the best ones allow you to input the exact temperature that you want so it can maintain it for you. This feature will allow you to get the maximum comfort and relaxation your feet need.


Foot spas ought to be portable so they can easily be carried wherever you want to use them. Aside from that, it is easier for you to store them and use them anytime. Let’s face it, you don’t want large machines that will be kept and gather up a lot of dust with just a few uses, right?


Lastly, look for machines that are right for your budget and suit your needs. You may see expensive products with so many features but don’t need them at all. On the other hand, you may look for an affordable foot spa, but in the end, they break down easily or don’t work well.

Be sure to look for foot spas that fall on the same price range and features that you are looking for so you won’t be spending significantly less or more.

Pedicure Add-ons

Some foot spas include additional tools like pedicure add-ons to be used for a great pedicure experience. If you love having regular pedicures, this add-on feature will work well for you because it would be easier to exfoliate and soften the skin on your feet.


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