Best Body Creams in Australia 2023

Body creams can help our skin stay hydrated and looking as healthy as ever. Having a well-hydrated skin makes me feel more confident about myself. It gives my skin a more vibrant glow. It also helps me get rid of blemishes and other skin imperfections. If you think you also need a body cream, then you’ve got to check these best body creams in Australia.

RankProduct ImageProduct NameKey IngredientWhere to Buy
1Crépe Erase – 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment SystemTruFirm Complex and 9 Super HydratorsCheck on Amazon AU
2La Mer The Body CrèmeMicro-Algae ComplexCheck on Amazon AU
3By Terry Baume De Rose Body CreamRose plant derivativesCheck on Amazon AU
4Biotherm Baume Corps Nutrition Intense OilMineral, Corn, Apricot OilCheck on Amazon AU



1. Crépe Erase – 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment System

The Crépe Erase – 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment System is a two-step skincare package that focuses on reducing the signs of aging in a person’s skin. It comes with a pair of smoothing pre-treatment wash and a body repair treatment lotion.

One of the things that people love about this product is its effectiveness. When used continuously for at least 8 weeks, you will notice your skin being lighter and plumper. While it does not erase fine lines, the Crépe Erase – 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment System ensures that your face doesn’t look dry and dull that adds to the appearance of being old.

Crepe Erase makes use of naturally-derived ingredients. In essence, it only uses ingredients that are natural and organic. This is why it’s very light and gentle on the face. Unlike other products, this does not have a hint of alcohol in it. Instead, Crepe Erase uses dill, apple, and sage, natural ingredients that are known to give great beauty effects on the skin.

The only disadvantage to this product is the need to use both products to see results. Just using one will not be the most effective. Nonetheless, you can see results as early as 2 months.

Check on Amazon AU

2. La Mer The Body Crème

If you don’t mind paying a few hundred dollars for a body lotion, then the Crème De La Mer is for you. I only got the chance to try this product because a friend of mine has one. If you were to disregard its price, I can say that this is one of the best moisturising products on the market. It is like getting a spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home.

One of the best things about The Body Crème is that it features the Micro-Algae Complex. It is like getting a seaweed wrap that can make your skin feel a lot smoother afterwards. I also noticed my skin getting a more radiant glow after only a few applications of the La Mer.

In addition to the Micro-Algae Complex, this moisturising and skin nourishing product also contains hyaluronic acid. It is one of the most important ingredients of effective skin care products.

The only downside to the Crème De La Mer is that it can be quite harsh on sensitive skin. It has this distinct scent that some people might find unbearable. If you don’t have sensitive skin, this beauty product is always a great buy. That is if you do not mind paying a few hundred dollars for a 300 mL package.

Overall, the La Mer The Body Crème is perfect for everyone, especially those who need round-the-clock hydration of their skin.

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3. By Terry Baume De Rose Body Cream

The Baume De Rose Body Cream from By Terry has got to be one of the loveliest packages you can ever buy. It has a luxurious branding, which is only fitting and proper to this French luxury creation. It has a very friendly price that should be welcome news for those who want to care for their skin without breaking the bank.

This formulation does not feature anything fancy. Its key ingredients are all derived from the rose plant. There is rose butter, rose hip oil, and rose flower essential wax. These ingredients provide you with a host of benefits. For example, rose butter is perfect for repairing dry and UV-damaged skin.

It provides the necessary building blocks to help the skin cells heal themselves. The inclusion of rose hip oil soothes irritations and other skin problems. The essential wax from rose flower creates a protective layer on the skin. It is what you can rely on if you want to prevent rough and dry skin.

I also love the scent. Maybe it’s because roses have always been my favourite flower. It has a distinct apple sweetness to it, too. I find the texture to be somewhat balmy. What surprised me is that it does last the whole day. Most of the body lotions I have tried often leave my skin feeling dry by the end of the day. The Baume De Rose doesn’t do that.

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4. Biotherm Baume Corps Nutrition Intense Oil

Biotherm has been a long-time brand from L’Oreal that has many loyal customers. This oil therapy body lotion helps the skin absorb the hydration almost immediately and it is best to apply after shower on dried skin.

This body cream not only helps to hydrate but also to regenerate and strengthen the skin with the specialised blended formula. With the addition of Omega 3 and 6 in the ingredient, the cream helps to firm the skin for a healthier look.

The Bitotherm Oil Therapy also has a nice fragrant that is not too overpowering. It is definitely a great option to add on to your vanity during winter especially if you tend to have dry skin. This will help to soothe the skin without feeling too heavy. Not forgetting to mention the price is very reasonable for its size.

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How to Pick the Right Body Lotion for You

I am aware that the body moisturisers that I shared with you may not be what you have in mind. That is why I have also prepared a buying guide to help you choose the right body lotion for you.

Understand the Type of Skin that You Have

In my opinion, your skin type is the most important consideration when picking a body cream. People with dry skin can benefit more from a product that can provide you with more moisturising ingredients.

If you have oily skin, then you do not want brands that contain mineral oils and waxes. You don’t want to clog your pores and make your oily skin worse. If you have sensitive skin, then the best moisturiser is one that does not contain fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.

Older folks can benefit more from body creams that have antioxidants. These can help slow down the effects of aging. They can also help contribute to a reduction in fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients

Parabens and ammonia are two ingredients that you should never put on your skin. This also includes derivatives of these compounds. They are too harsh on your skin. It would be best to steer clear of products with artificial chemicals like colourings and preservatives. So, read the ingredients on the product’s label.

Consider Your Budget

Body lotions are not one-time expenses. This will form a normal part of your skin care routine. Make sure you are ready to commit to regular purchases of the same brand of moisturiser. Factor this into your decision.

Bottom Line

Caring for your skin requires using the best body lotions you can ever find. I hope these products that I shared with you will help you select the best one for yourself.